Madonna uses Jerry Seinfeld’s house as a shag pad

Last week, both Madonna and A-Rod flew to the Hamptons in separate private helicopters within 40 minutes of each other and were taxied by different cars to Jerry Seinfeld’s waterfront mansion where they “relaxed for several hours.”

“A dark SUV and Jerry in another Porsche both pulled up and picked up Madonna and they headed back to Jerry’s place,” a witness told us. “When they arrived at the Seinfeld home, Madonna poked her head out the window and could be clearly seen.”

“About four hours later, the dark SUV left the house and took them all back to the airport. Madonna and the Seinfelds could clearly be seen getting out and piling into the copter that had taken Madonna there in the first place. They left together,” our witness said. “Several minutes later, the helicopter that carried A-Rod also left.”

This is all highly unnecessary. Madonna probably wanted to feel like she was in a stupid movie where she has to have clandestine rendevous at friends’ houses so no one will find out she’s banging A-Rod. Like she’s a big, important Hollywood celebrity. In reality, no one cares. Madonna must have been the source for this “look at me” rumor. Guy Ritchie probably read it, rolled his eyes and went back to f’ing some 21-year-old.

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