Madonna wants A-Rod’s baby

Alex Rodriguez is said to be purchasing an $80 million Manhattan penthouse two blocks away from Madonna’s apartment just to be close to her.

‘Alex knows that this is a difficult time for Madonna, especially as she has children,’ a source said.

‘So he thought this was the best way to be close to her without being too intrusive. He is completely into her and willing to be patient while she sorts everything out.

‘All he cares about is just being close to her,’ a source added.

Meanwhile, sources say Madonna wants to have a baby with A-Rod and has taken to calling him “a great specimen, physically.” That’s got to suck if you’re one of Madonna’s kids. Especially if your the one named Lourdes who has to know she struck out in the genetic lottery. How does it make you feel that your mother wants to correct the genetic mistakes she’s made in the past. Just because Lourdes has a caterpillar growing on her forehead and a faint mustache at 14 or however old she is doesn’t mean she has no feelings. That Madonna is a real jerk.

A-Rod plays the family man as he spends weekend with bitter ex and two young daughters [Daily Mail]

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Exotic Goddess
Exotic Goddess
12 years ago

I sort of see her as having Pitt’s baby. They’d make an interesting married couple.

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