Mark Wahlberg wants to hurt Andy Samberg

Mark Wahlberg was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel last night during which Jimmy played the SNL skit of Andy Samberg impersonating Wahlberg while talking to animals. Wahlberg obviously has no sense of humor because he started getting uncomfortable and swore that next time he sees Andy, “I’m going to crack that big fucking nose of his.” He continued, “I don’t play that s**t. I’m going to fly to New York tomorrow and slap him in the big nose. Tune in.”

Way to be a humorless, self-important douche bag. Marky Mark seems pretty high on himself for a guy who’s only talent is looking mean and talking in a strained voice. I’m sure he’s fully capable of leaving Andy Samberg drowning in a pool of his own blood but he’ll still end up being known as the dickhead who kicked the ass of a guy who has panic attacks when he sees a butterfly.

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13 years ago

Mark is a good guy. This whole thing was a setup so he could appear on SNL tonight. And he did, and did a fantastic job. But I gotta say, he had me going there for a minute.

13 years ago

mark is clearly joking.

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