Mary-Kate Olsen’s friend had an accident

Mary-Kate Olsen’s friend was backing out of a parking spot in her Prius when she slammed into an El Pollo Loco delivery car. The paps swarmed the scene while Mary-Kate’s friend was exchanging information with the car’s owner. Eventually, Mary-Kate, fed up with the attention, faced the paparazzo and told him, “Get out of the fucking window. Are you kidding me? You guys are…,” and like star crossed lovers, the photog finished her sentence. “…Animals.” He continued, “Yea, an-i-mals. I’m a cow,” then he started mooing at Mary-Kate. Well played Mr. Cameraman. Well played.

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12 years ago

i’ve gotta admit, sometimes the paparazzi go too far. moo-ing at mary kate? despicable…back to the barnyard where they belong.

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