Michelle Rodriguez is persuasive

Michelle Rodriguez was spotted at the Mayfair Hotel and Spa in Coconut Grove, Fla. shouting at an unidentified acquaintance over the weekend. Guests at the hotel say they woke up at 9 a.m. Sunday morning to loud banging and Michelle screaming at her roommate to let her in or else she wouldn’t get her sex toy back.

“I woke up Sunday morning to the sounds of two women yelling, and one of them was smashing the door knocker very loudly,” one exhausted guest tells us. “I peeked out and saw it was [Rodriguez]. She’s screaming, ‘Open up, let me in, b——!'”

The loud knocking continued for another five minutes, says the source, until the “Girlfight” star hollered, “If you don’t open up, you’re not getting your [pleasure toy] back.” The door creaked open.

10 points to whoever guesses what the toy was. I’m thinking strap-on, although I can also picture Michelle as a dildo type of girl. In any case, sex with Michelle must be scary. She always looks angry. She seems like the type of person that’ll bring a titanium dildo to an orgy and go psycho, rupturing a few organs here and there. See Michelle, this is why no one invites you anymore.

‘Girlfight’ meets toy story for Michelle Rodriguez [NYDN]

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12 years ago

I guess this doesn’t help her “Lesbian” rumors… I mean, because all straight girls share dildos/strapons right? hmm.. on second thought… maybe they do? *fantasizes*

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