Nick Hogan is free

Brooke and Nick reunite

Having served 166 days of an 8-month sentence for putting his friend in a permanent vegetative state, Nick Hogan was released this morning at 12:30 AM in Clearwater, Florida. 74 days were shaved off for good behavior. Brooke immediately embraced Nick and raced him back home where he was greeted with a “thumping party, replete with loud music and cops surveying the scene.” No doubt as a way to celebrate the end of five and a half months of being a whiny bitch.

This morning, Linda Hogan released this statement asking for privacy.

“This is our time as a family to come together to support Nick’s adjustment back into the public life keeping it as normal as possible. Neither Nick, nor we as a family, has any interest in making this anything but private. We respect the media’s role and only ask that they respect our privacy.

“Nick went into prison as a juvenile and has experienced something that will mold and affect him for the rest of his adult life. His focus is to make a positive difference in this world, media free. Since his future actions will speak louder than any words, there is no need to speak to the media at this time.”

In order to readjust to normal life, Nick will spend the next year hanging out by the pool at his parents’ house contributing nothing to society until he receives a call from VH1 or MTV to do a reality show about readjusting to normal life. He will accept and then continue to lounge around for another year. But this time with cameras. During this transitional period, John Graziano will still be in the hospital also “lounging” around. See? John doesn’t have it so bad. Apart from that half a skull and unable to move thing.

[Brooke hugs Nick outside of jail. Image via Splash News]

  • Sara

    If only the poor boy had given a single thought to what happens when you jump into a fast car with a drunk person.

  • carey

    If only that poor boy had given thought to wear a seatbelt. Nick wasn’t drunk, just an ass. I am continually stunned that people who are so angry at Nick don’t hold the same anger for John. He knew what he was getting in to when he got in the car, and his ultimate fate was his own responsibility. I just can’t believe that in this day and age, someone would get in a car and not use a seatbelt. Nick survived the crash beacause he wore one. Did you see the crash photos? the car was wracked equally on both sides. btw, not a fan of lay boy Nick…just rubs me the wrong way that everyone thinks that John had nothing to do with his current unbearably sad situation.

  • No one from a reality show has the right to tell the media they deserve privacy.

  • Cc

    Laying blame does nothing now. John is still suffering and Nick is still has no remorse for his actions. Very sad on all counts.

  • IKnowAll

    How much do you want to bet he got loaded at his “thumping party”, and jokes were cracked about taking his keys. This whole family sickens me.

    And to those who want to place 50% of the blame on John Graziano, you’re all idiots. JG was of legal drinking age and since he was drunk, was being responsible by NOT driving.

    When a licensed driver takes on an impaired passenger, they are assuming full responsibility for that person’s well-being with respect to the driving experience, including not starting the vehicle until the passenger’s seatbelt is buckled.

    Graziano was young, too, and had just gotten back from already-life-changing war service.

    And Nick WAS drunk, Carey. Two hours after the wreck his blood alcohol content was still 0.055. In Florida, anyone under 21 cannot have a BAC of over .02.
    .08 is legally drunk for an adult there.

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