Nikki Blonsky “kicked my mom in her vagina”

America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden taped a segment for the Oct. 8 episode of The Tyra Banks Show in which she details the fight that happened on July 29 between her family and Nikki Blonsky’s family. A fight that ended with Carl and Nikki Blonsky and Golden being arrested for assault.

Golden says on the Oct. 8 episode of The Tyra Banks Show that her family was at the Turks & Caicos airport on July 29 returning from a family reunion for her dying grandfather when Nikki Blonsky became “very rude to my aunt.”

An argument erupted between Blonsky’s and Golden’s families, then Blonsky’s father Carl “punched my mom.”

“He knocked her out,” says Golden. “He hit my mom with such force she stumbled back and when she stumbled back the whole family got up and attacked my mom.”

Then, when her mother was on the ground, Nikki “takes her foot and kicks my mom in her vagina, and that’s when my mom fell out completely,” says Golden.

“When Nikki kicked my mom I went and grabbed her arm and she grabbed my earring,” says she. “Her mom sat on her to get her off of me cause her mom saw what was happening and that was that.”

Golden says her mother was airlifted to the hospital with internal bleeding, a broken nose and a fractured skull.

“Her face is still black and blue,” she says.

Holy crap. Usually a cat fight involves a lot of hair pulling, name calling and tears. This one involved a dad sucker punching another girl’s mom and that other girl’s mom being kicked in the vagina. If Nikki Blonsky had also given Golden’s mom a titty twister, it would have officially been her worst day ever. 0_o

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15 years ago

Perhaps someone could have given GOLDEN’s mom a SHOWER….