Olivia Munn is in the spirit

It’s that time of year again. Halloween! The one day out of 365 when conservative girls can dress up like raging sluts and not have anyone call them out on it. The one day of the year that a girl can add the word “sexy” in front of any profession and turn it into a legitimate costume. To mark this annual celebration of hedonism, Olivia Munn from G4TV — who still hasn’t featured my site :( — posed in different outfits for Complex Magazine. Here she is dressed as a sexy rabbit, sexy Chun-Li, sexy secretary and, uh, an In-N-Out server?

If you needed these pictures to give you ideas for a costume, you better just stay home because Halloween is only for the imaginative. Like me. I’m going as that guy who wears a white t-shirt and jeans. Yea, him. That’s the guy.

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12 years ago

Check her Official site to see more of this plus behind the scenes video @

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