PEOPLE pissed at Madonna’s publicist

Cover Awards says PEOPLE is pissed at Madonna’s flack, Liz Rosenberg, for basically lying to them. PEOPLE was the first magazine to get exclusives from Liz saying Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s marriage was doing just fine, but when news of the divorce broke early this week, Liz, instead of going to PEOPLE, issued a press release to the AP.

This isn’t the first time Liz has fibbed either. It turns out that instead of spinning the truth like most PR people do, Liz prefers just to lie. Like the report that Madonna and Alex ate together at Dos Caminos. Liz said it never happened despite there being eye witness accounts. Or like the time she denied Madonna was adopting a baby from Malawi when hours later Madonna adopted a baby from Malawi.

Oh no. Now we’ll never be able to tell truth from fiction. And here I thought publicists were honest god-fearing people assigned to be mouth pieces for celebrities because they don’t have the time to deal with the public. Apparently they’re not as truthful as they make themselves out to be and are only looking out for their client’s interests. My whole world has been shattered!

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