Permanent conservatorship

The court commissioner has granted lawyers’ requests to extend Britney’s conservatorship permanently. Her caretakers will now be responsible for her career and business decisions. A medical team will also monitor Britney making sure she doesn’t do anything to “compromise her health.” The ruling was not without a reason, however. TMZ explains:

Sources say one reason why Brit & Co. wanted to extend the conservatorship is that it makes it easier for her to regain custody of her kids — the family law commissioner will feel more comfortable giving her added face time if there is a safety net.

As for why they suddenly asked for a permanent conservatorship — we’re told the commish doesn’t want to keep extending temporary power…that it makes more sense to make the conservatorship permanent and then just lift it when Brit is safe and sound.

Too bad. A mentally unstable Britney makes for interesting news. How do I make fun of her now that she’s almost back to being sexy and on the right track. I could try, I guess. Hm, look at Britney dancing like that. What does she think this is, a dance studio? Hahaha. No, that doesn’t work. Hmph, I don’t like this. I don’t like this one bit.

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12 years ago

you can make fun of her eating

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