Please shut up, Pink

Pink has been silent ever since the dissolution of her marriage with pro BMX’er Carey Hart, but she has finally opened up. Asked what she misses most about her ex-husband, Pink responded:

“I really loved my husband’s penis. It was really pretty.”

Jesus. TMI. No one wants to hear this stuff. Talk about your new album or your upcoming tour. Don’t mention your ex’s penis. That’s just creepy and gross. I’d rather hear Rosie O’Donnel describe in great detail the different ways she sodomizes a donut than listen to Pink talk about this. Because when Pink even remotely sexualizes herself, it leads to a morbid fascination of what Pink would look like naked and that’s not an image I want seared into my skull. Surprisingly, I prefer not to spend hours poking at my brain with a coat hanger to try and rid myself of some disturbing mental picture.

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12 years ago

i humbley disagree.. that chick would be totally crazy in bed. she would up for it ALL i bet.. and you she has no problem with getting more puzzy in bed with you.

12 years ago

why did they brake up? the ego, past problems, annoying bmx girls, they should stick with the current situations, think about the happy and just get back together.

Evil Overlord
Evil Overlord
12 years ago

A beautiful Peen?! WTF? The Evil One has always kind of thought Pink was more than a bit batshit crazy…But she IS kind of hot in a Wendy O. Williams kind of way…

12 years ago

Pink looks like a tranny, ummmmmmmm yummy! Anyone else sick of hearing Pink’s political BS???????????? I’m tired of these dumb bitches thinking they’re some divine wisdom just because they cut a record.

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