Russell Brand is suspended

UK comedian Russell Brand and his cohort Jonathan Ross were suspended from the BBC after leaving “vile” messages on Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs’ answering machine. Russell and Jonathan left a voicemail saying Russell had sex with his granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, and joked Andrew would kill himself over that fact. They then said they would make it up to him by breaking into his house and fondling him in his sleep.

Georgina is now calling for their heads and wants them fired for embarrassing her and her grandfather. “We were lovers but I trusted him as a friend as well. He has betrayed me for a few cheap laughs and left my grandfather distraught,” the dancer said.

At 78, does Andrew Sachs really care who his granddaughter is sleeping with? I’d think he’d have more on his mind like not slipping in the shower or not dying in his sleep. Plus, Georgina is in a burlesque act called the Satanic Sluts. That’s pretty embarrassing in and of itself. Sleeping with Russell Brand might actually be a step up.

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15 years ago

“Sleeping with Russel Brand might actually be a step up”

You are in an obvious very very small minority – as for calling him a comedian, another figment of pop culture imagination