Sarah Palin got PWNED


Madonna kicked off the US leg of her “Sticky and Sweet” tour at the Meadownlands Saturday night and in between sets, she really stuck it to VP hopeful Sarah Palin. First, Madonna banned her from her shows. “Sarah Palin can’t come to my party. Sarah Palin can’t come to my show. It’s nothing personal,” said the singer. To add insult to injury, Madonna then made fun of her. Maybe. Look, Page Six is printing it as an insult so I’m going to go with it. According to them, Madonna quipped,

“Here’s the sound of Sarah Palin’s husband’s snowmobile when it won’t start,” followed by a loud screeching noise.

Oh, SNAP! Sarah Palin just got served! You hear that Palin? When your husband’s snowmobile won’t start, it’s all like, “EEEEEEeeeeEEEEeeeeeeeee!” And he’s all like, “Huh?!” I bet if you saw Sarah Palin right now, she’d be fuming and you would literally see smoke rising from her head. Okay, maybe not at this instant, but whenever Palin figures out what the hell Madonna is talking about, this will so totally happen.

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