Stacy Keibler does Maxim

Stacy Keilber in Maxim

Stacy Keibler isn’t that famous but she’s in the November issue of Maxim anyway. What a bitch. Oh sure, you’ll be in Maxim but when I ask if you want to be in my magazine, “Hot Piece of Ass I Whack Off To Monthly” or HPOAIWOTM, you pepper spray me in the eyes. You’ll rue the day, Stacy. My publication is well respected with nearly 13 readers. When they hear about this, you’ll never work in Hollywood again. You’ve made a very powerful enemy.

stacy keibler maxim 01stacy keibler maxim 03stacy keibler maxim 04stacy keibler maxim 05stacy keibler maxim 06

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