The Bundchens are in danger

Gisele Bundchen

Did you know Gisele Bundchen has five sisters including a twin back home in Brazil? Well, she does and she supposedly sent them around $10.8 million to help support themselves and now they’re afraid they’re going to be kidnapped and held for ransom. Star says Gisele regularly deposits large sums into her parent’s account. Gisele’s sister Patricia is doing everything in her power to dispel these “rumors” saying “I have no idea who could have made up a story like that. (It’s) very very dangerous for Gisele’s family.

Telling the world that you give millions a year to your poor family in a country like Brazil is basically a death sentence. Based on all the movies I’ve seen which are definitely not built around exaggerated stereotypes, Brazil is pretty much a lawless land where justice is just another way of saying, “How much do I get out of this?” Gisele might as well mail them a box of poisonous snakes or a hungry bear. It’ll be much easier to swallow than the severed ear they’ll most likely get from the kidnappers.

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