“The Hills” is coming to an end

Four confusingly long years later, The Hills may finally be coming to an end. Rumors of salary disputes and troubled friendships are one of many nails in the coffin for the unspectacular series. Add to that the fact that Whitney Port has moved to New York and Audrina can’t stand being anywhere near Lauren anymore. Even recently at a club, a witness said, “Lauren looked uncomfortable and like she was going to be sick,” describing the mood when Audrina sat down next to her.

As Audrina attacked Lauren over her alleged fling with her ex Justin “Bobby” Brescia, 25, a tearful Lauren yelled, “Because of you, everyone thinks I’m a bad friend and a slut!” says the source.

Now, a pal of Lauren tells OK!, “She isn’t sure what to do. As of right now, she hasn’t signed on for the next season.”

During an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Audrina was vocal about her indecision. As always, money seems to be the main factor. Audrina has been asking for a bump in pay to star alongside Lauren. Below is a breakdown of what each cast member is currently being paid per episode:

LAUREN: $75,000
HEIDI: $65,000
SPENCER: $65,000
AUDRINA: $35,000

Given that there were 33 episodes last season and there are at least 11 this season, you’ll be sickened to know Lauren, Heidi, Spencer and Audrina could stand to make more than a million this year for simply looking into a camera and showing contrived emotion. Think about that as you bash your head into the $5 non-ergonomic Office Depot keyboard provided to you by your company.

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