Why’d they paste Zac Efron’s head onto my body?

This is for all you ladies out there. Zac Efron © Disney is up for auction. Rather, half-naked pictures of him in the shower purportedly part of a set of deleted scenes from the new High School Musical 3 are up for auction on eBay.

For the curious, these sets include scenes such as, Zac Efron discovers himself, Zac Efron is confused about his sexuality and Zac Efron finds out the awful truth that girls are not turned on by the pungent smell of desperation provided by Axe Body Wash. I know. That last one came as a shock to me too.

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12 years ago

I’m not gay and I’m comfortable enough to admit when another man is attractive. But how he puts up with that little gremlin Vanessa is a mystery. Her va jay jay must taste like skittles or something magnificent.

12 years ago

Yeah. Efron is about as straight as Elton John. The relationship with Vanessa is about as real as the tooth fairy. There’s an interview where Efron admits that his first ever celebrity crush when he was a boy was Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic”. Seriously. Add that the magazine interviews where Vanessa has said that Zac is helping her decorate the house they picked out — if Efron’s publicist can convince people that Zac is straight, then that person could convince us the Earth is flat. Not that that’s a problem nor should it be, but the guy may as well… Read more »

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