Zac Efron might be naked

Me and millions of high pitched eighth graders agree. Zac Efron is the hottest robotic wax figure in Disney history. Which is why Zac disrobing on Broadway is way hotter news than Susie kissing Jared in the boy’s bathroom. Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed. Zac merely mentioned in passing at the London Premiere of High School Musical 3 that he’s been approached to take over for Daniel Radcliffe in Equus.

Many expect Zac’s appearance in the nude to prove once and for all that he is just like the living Ken doll obsessed young teens think of him as. Right down to the non-existent penis that lies below his plasticy torso.

[Image via Splash News]

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12 years ago

y would they replace radcliffe? i think he’s better than zac!! y dont zac just sing and sing?? LOL

12 years ago

i would love it if zac efron were gay. But out of the high school musical movies, idk he seems pretty manly. U can see a little of a metroness within him, but if he has any gayness in him, he’ll just turn bi.

12 years ago

I am a guy but i rally want to have sex with zac efron and suck his dick. did you know if you go to google images and type in naked zac efron it comes up with him completly naked dick and all.

11 years ago

omg hes hot i wish he was gay i will totily suck him up dang hes hot he can be my ken and ill be barbies gay freaind hahah lol

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