Blake Fielder-Civil is out, Amy nowhere in sight

Blake Fielder-Civil, the man many blame for destroying Amy Winehouse, was released after serving a year in jail for perverting justice. Amy wasn’t there to greet him, opting instead to stay home and lunge at photographers. Blake checked into a rehab facility right away as part of his agreement.

Georgette Civil said in July: ‘Giving him and Amy another chance is like putting a gun to Blake’s head while playing Russian roulette.’

‘If he goes it could be a death sentence for the two of them.’

Despite the fact that Blake spent 12 months behind bars, Amy still managed to screw herself up even more. Amy is currently receiving ongoing treatment for a “chest infection” most likely brought on by drugs and continues to look more beat and scabby every day. In six months, expect Amy to look like the Sith Lord from Star Wars.

[Image via Splash News]

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