Britney & Madonna together forever

Britney Spears joined the monkey in a top hat to sing “Human Nature” together last night at Dodger Stadium in LA. PEOPLE describes the ethereal moment:

Madonna greeted her with “Hi Britney!” And Spears, with her blonde hair flowing and red lips smiling, moved to the beat as she sang the last chorus on “Human Nature” with Madonna.

“She’s not your b—-” Madonna proclaimed, pointing at Spears who replied with her classic line: “It’s Britney, b—-!”

Madonna had to swing her around three times to get her to loosen up a little bit and, in a far cry from the 2003 smooch, kisses Spears on the hand as her platform sunk below the stage.

“4 Minutes” came on and remixed into “Vogue” as Spears disappeared from view.

An hour later, Justin Timberlake joined Madonna to sing “4 Minutes.” Reports indicate they were grinding on each other. The video tells a different story. Justin probably didn’t want to have Madonna full-on grind him because during rehearsals, it felt like she was poking him in the butt with her belt buckle or was that her… Oh. My. God!

Videos: Madonna & Britney (top), Madonna & Justin (bottom)

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