For the last time, Brad’s not talking about his tattoos

A Brad Pitt superfan dialed into Oprah during Brad’s guest appearance on the show and attempted to ask a pornstached Pitt about the meanings of his tattoos. Namely the iceman Oetzi and the Daniel Pearl quote ones. Brad politely refused to answer citing that they were personal. Specifically, he said, “Let me just say, if you have a partner it’s great fun, it’s a great thing to do together, it becomes personal and special in its own right. I’d rather just leave it at that.” Both Oprah and Cate Blanchett egged on the crazy stalker but Brad started getting annoyed and since no one wants to make the big baby cry, they eventually dropped it.

Christina looks a little excited. Calm down bitch, he’s not going to tell you anything. Christina is probably going to go on her Brad/Angelina forum and talk about what a meanie he was. Still, she’ll forgive him after he sends her an autographed headshot of himself which she’ll tape to her vibrator.

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11 years ago

Brad Pitt is definitly getting uglier as he gets older…

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