Hayden Panettiere is overheating

Hayden Panettiere sweats

If you’re into sweaty 4ft tall chicks, then boy, are you in for a treat. Hayden Panettiere was walking her dog in LA yesterday and I have no idea how she got like this. It looks like someone dumped a bucket of water on her.

Maybe it’s the fact that I sent her a picture of myself and she got all hot thinking about me while walking her dog. Alternatively, maybe it was because she was wearing a sweater with long pants when it’s almost 90F outside like a wacko. Nah, it’s definitely because of me. Occam’s Razor, man.

hayden panettiere sweat 01hayden panettiere sweat 02hayden panettiere sweat 03hayden panettiere sweat 04hayden panettiere sweat 05hayden panettiere sweat 06hayden panettiere sweat 07hayden panettiere sweat 08hayden panettiere sweat 09hayden panettiere sweat 10

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