Hulk Hogan is a great father

Hulk Hogan took his son Nick out to Vegas to celebrate his recent release from jail. They checked into the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and will make an appearance at car trade show SEMA later. However, Hulk is determined to keep Nick out of trouble and has booked him a standard room right next to his VIP executive suite. Sources say a mysterious man believed to be his parole officer is also constantly around him. Although, Nick hasn’t let the fact he put John Graziano in a permanent vegetative state get him down. Pop Tarts reports:

But Nick isn’t allowing his post-pokey profile to shield him away from the limelight as he reportedly pranced around the hotel happily posing for pictures, signing autographs for fans and flirting with the hot young ladies that came his way. Even though daddy was all-smiles, it sounds as though the year of family drama is taking its toll.

“I’m pretty vulnerable right now, I’ve been beat up so bad of late I would probably be pretty easy to take down,” the former WWE champ told Tarts, but in next breath hinted that if he pulled himself together and got in shape he might very well come out of-retirement.

When asked about John’s accident, Hulk repeated the same thing he said earlier. “There are no accidents. God has a plan that unfolds just as he wants it.”

Wow. God must have a really great plan for John then. I bet one day John, beat after a long hike, sat down and said, “God, I’m so tired of walking.” God heard his plea and did this to him. God’s a good listener.

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Gloria J rivera
Gloria J rivera
15 years ago

Hulk Hogan might have been a good father at one time but something went wrong along the way an Nick was given too much space to do what he wanted to an his father was too busy anyway looking after Brooke an keeping all the guys away from her. While Hogan was keeping his eye on Brooke Nick was running rampid with his friends an had no adult supervision.The way Nick was going he was going to get in some form of trouble as we could see it when we used to watch the Hogan Knows Best show. Mr Hogan… Read more »

Gloria J rivera
Gloria J rivera
15 years ago

Also another thing if you are so worrid about the guys bothering Brooke why did you an Linda let her dress an act like a slut in her vidios. Yes Brooke is a very good looking girl but she is very stuck on herself an thinks every one wants her just like you do. I just don’t think you or Linda were very good parents as both of you spoiled your children rotten an you both will see in the long run when you an Linda get older an more mature in the brain area……. The best to you all……