I can see Daniel Radcliffe’s peen

Daniel Radcliffe Equus Opening Night

Daniel Radcliffe has been starring in the play, Equus, for a while now and it’s widely known that he and his co-star get naked on stage. Oddly enough, someone hasn’t snuck out any nude photos of him during his pivotal moment. Until now. OMG Blog was sent video footage of the event. Check it after the jump (VERY NSFW). If you prefer pictures, click here.

And if you’re not into dudes running around with their penis flopping everywhere, there’s a naked chick in the beginning as well. Although, it still might not make up for the trauma caused by seeing Harry Potter’s wang. God, I don’t think I can ever sit through a Harry Potter movie again. I mean, even more so now.

[flashvideo filename=”” width=”476″ height=”356″ /]

  • Brandi

    HEY VICTOR! As my grandmother would always say “PENIS”! HAHA

  • Giggle?

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