Jennifer Aniston hates dogs

Despite starring alongside Owen Wilson in the upcoming dog centric film, Marley & Me, Jennifer Aniston still despises all canines. Talking to the LA Times, Aniston said she was wary of the script when she first got it, “I was like ‘Uck, a dog movie?'”. But beggars can’t be choosers. Er, I mean, Aniston quickly changed her mind once she read the script. “It’s so much more than a dog movie, it’s this beautiful portrait of a marriage and this 15-year span between these two people and this sweet little unconditionally loving creature that sort of walks through it with them.” And it pays real money!

However, Aniston still found a reason to hate all dogs once on set.

“I walked onto the set and put my sweater and my bag down on the couch, and that dog leapt up onto the couch, grabbed my sweater and started ripping it,” she says. The trainers responded immediately, but not as she expected. “They said, ‘good, good boy!’ and gave him treats.” No wonder Clyde came to work every day with a big smile. “The set was a toy.”

Well of course Jennifer Aniston hates dogs. It’s too much like looking into a mirror. And that sweater looked ugly on her anyway. As do most things. Jennifer could even make rainbows look ugly.

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12 years ago

She doesn’t hate dogs. She has a dog, Norman, that she is very attached to.

12 years ago

victor- you are a complete moron. Your articles that you write, ALWAYS suck!!! And you are wrong 99% of the time. You suck!

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