Karolina Kurkova is missing a belly button

karolina kurkova belly button 02

I know I linked to this yesterday, but it’s starting to weird me out more and more. One of Victoria’s Secret’s top Angels, Karolina Kurkova, has no belly button (close-up here). I’m not sure why I never noticed this until people pointed it out. Maybe I just didn’t want to believe Karolina is a freak or maybe it’s because the belly button is photoshopped onto her non-candids. It’s like whoever created her said, “Screw it. No one will notice. It’s 5 and almost happy hour.” So he just jabbed his thumb in the mold and left.

karolina kurkova belly button 01karolina kurkova belly button 02karolina kurkova belly button 03

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