Kate Winslet was airbrushed? Say it ain’t so

Kate Winslet Vanity Fair December 2008

Kate Winslet has long been the voice of the fat girl not willing to succumb to the pressures of thin Hollywood. In February 2003, Kate even apologized for her retouched GQ magazine shoot saying she didn’t want people to think she was a hypocrite and had no intention of looking like the digitally slimmed photos of her.

Fast forward to today and Kate is once again under scrutiny for her recent Vanity Fair shoot. This time The Daily Mail asks an airbrush artist to examine Kate’s latest photos. His conclusion? LAWL! Photochopped!

The face: ‘There is no real detail in her face. Any detail or wrinkles have been removed. There are no eye bags, contours and smile lines.

‘The whites of her eyes have been cleaned up and are now a really clean, crisp white. I’d say her lips have possibly been made slightly fuller as well.’

The skin: ‘Her skin has generally been retouched all over so she has no lines or blemishes at all. Her skin is completely perfect.’

The hands and feet: ‘There are no wrinkles or lines or veins on her hands and feet and this just is not natural.’

The figure: ‘Her back and lower body have been pinched in to make her look thinner and to give her some curves.

‘Her bottom has been rounded off so it looks nice and pert. I would be very surprised if her bottom was like that naturally. Her thigh appears to have been made slimmer so it appears more toned.

‘And in the shot of her sitting down on the front cover, it’s possible her legs were made slightly thinner so they also appear more toned.’

Kate’s rep denies this and tells PEOPLE: “Kate is furious at suggestions that her body has been airbrushed.”

Whatever. Magazines airbrush photos. It’s a fact. There’s no way Vanity Fair is going to put a baggy-eyed, wrinkly Kate Winslet on their cover. They sell magazines, not body image. Who wants to buy an issue with an ugly fatty on the cover. If people want to see a natural Kate Winslet with all her blemishes, they’re just going to have to do what I do and install a spycam in her shower.

Kate Winslet Vanity Fair December 2008Kate Winslet Vanity Fair December 2008Kate Winslet Vanity Fair December 2008Kate Winslet Vanity Fair December 2008Kate Winslet Vanity Fair December 2008

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