Kendra Wilkinson is shy

Kendra Wilkinson may be a Playboy centerfold, may have been 1/3 of Hugh Hefner’s harem and may flash her tits whenever the time is right, which is whenever she wants attention, but of course she still “freaks out” over the fact that anyone can check out her “personal places” in Playboy. She tells Pop Tarts:

“If you do the math, you only see a good 3-5 minutes of me in an episode, and I’m generally clothed, but you can have a magazine lying around forever and open it up and see me totally naked,” Wilkinson said, adding that she gets scared just thinking about people scrutinizing her “personal places.”

I know what you mean Kendra. Actually, no, I have no idea what you mean. I never posed spread eagle in a Playboy so I don’t have to worry about people staring at my “personal places.” But, if you ever find yourself sitting behind a computer and cowering in fear when sunlight hits your face, I’ll definitely know what you mean.

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12 years ago

Who it is afraid what the peoples believe not make on photograph in the playboy.

12 years ago

I understand what Kendra is saying. The thing is…she put herself in that position. It is sad to think that she did not think about the consequences of taking nude photos before hand! I think that sometimes, when people become popular fast (as she and the rest of the GND did) you do not realize the severity of ‘eyes’ on everything you do!
Ms. Blonde

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