Kim Cattrall goes nude

Kim Cattrall

Every day I tell my friends that there’s nothing I’d enjoy more than to stare at the body of a completely naked 52-year-old woman. “A lady like Kim Cattrall,” I muse. Turns out someone was listening to me because here’s Kim naked and sitting on a couch sandwiched between three well toned twenty-year-old performers from the theatre production La Clique for a charity photoshoot.

This is sort of like being invited to a party only to find out the other guests are all 15 or 16 and want you to buy them beer and that you weren’t exactly invited so much as you stumbled on a house with loud music with a lot of cars parked outside and decided to walk in. What I’m trying to say is, it must have been real uncomfortable when the other girls started asking Kim about menopause.

Photos are NSFW, but they’re art so just tell your boss that.

kim cattrall pose 01kim cattrall pose 02

  • uuumm, niceeeeeeeeee.

  • She looks horrible.

  • I think she is fabulous!! She is an older woman who looks great and is confident enough in herself to be naked!! I think she is making a powerfull statement to older women everywhere

  • I think she looks great!! She is older and confident and I think that can be a lesson to older women everywhere

  • thank you kim, for being a wonderful woman.

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