Linda Hogan can’t afford her boyfriend’s tuition

Last week we left off with a report that Linda Hogan wanted her assets unfrozen for personal use despite receiving $40,000 in monthly alimony. TMZ did a little digging and discovered Linda actually needed that money to pay for her 19-year-old’s nautical school. She also spent $14,000 on a visit to a Beverley Hills Doctor’s office for cosmetic surgery. So, you can see why she’s in the poor house. It takes a lot of money to keep this beauty queen looking good

Linda Hogan should ask her doctor what’s up. For $14,000 I expect her to look like Megan Fox. As it stands, she looks like a gargoyle and is better suited sitting on top of old, public libraries. It’s like they injected her with pure, unfiltered ugly.

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13 years ago

yawn at anything to do with the Hogan’s. They are beyond lame.

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