Linda Hogan is broke

Despite receiving temporary alimony amounting to $40,000 per month, Hulk Hogan’s wife’s lawyer claims she’s broke and has requested the judge unfreeze some assets before her divorce is finalized for her own use. That probably won’t happen as the big jerk judge first wants “evidence” that Linda is actually broke in the form of bank statements. So anal.

Us says back in August, Hulk Hogan was ordered to pay for Linda’s cable, pest control, window washing and upkeep for their home. This begs the question, what type of opulent lifestyle does Linda Hogan lead that she uses up $40k a month? Does she have daily cucumber masks and stone massages from genuine Thai hookers flown direct from Bangkok? Does she splurge on age defying lotions made of ground baby elephant bones? Does she purchase skateboards and energy drinks for her “let’s get xtreme” boyfriend? Do tell, we’d like to know.

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13 years ago

I can’t believe my ears! I could buy a house with $40.000 in here and she’s broke? Not only would I end all money river towards her, I would also ask for some damages myself if I were Hogan. Her hair should be left to grow dark roots!

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