Lindsay and Samantha have a lover’s quarrel

The Sun, The Daily Mail and Holy Moly are all reporting that Lindsay Lohan and boy/girlfriend Samantha Ronson got into a fight over her ex, Calum Best, who she ran into for the second time during her trip to London. Sam has been rumored to be very jealous towards Lindsay’s ex-boyfriends so naturally, when Lindsay danced up on Calum, Sam was pissed.

The two were said to have gotten into a “catfight” that left Lindsay crying in her taxi. Sam came to join her ten minutes later but stormed out of the car once they arrived at their hotel leaving Lindsay once again, holding her head in her hands.

“It was quite clear something was up. Lindsay had tears in her eyes as she left.”

Is it over? Has Lindsay’s past come back to haunt her? Will Sam ever be able to forgive her? The answer to all these questions and more next time on As the Lindsay Turns.

Holy Moly also put up a video of the incident (up top) and clearly, you had to be there because I have no idea what’s going on. Sam could be mad and Lindsay could be crying. Then again, a lot of things could be possible. I could be the King of France and you could be popular and sexy. Well, maybe not you, per say, but definitely me. I guess I should have put “I could be popular and sexy.” Sorry for giving you false hope, dude.

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