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Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is 62. In 1971, she was 24. Also in 1971, she shot the sex flick The Apprentice in Quebec. The film was in theatres for only a few days before being retracted. Next month, The Apprentice is getting it’s first DVD release.

“There is sex in the movie and Sarandon is sexy and nude,” an insider tells us. “There are a few sex scenes and one involving Sarandon as a sensual Anglophone model who’s a prisoner of her own sexual abandonment.”

This wasn’t the first time she went naked. Sarandon was topless in 1978’s Pretty Baby along with a lot of others. But if you have a twisted mind, you can go rent The Apprentice and check out Susan Sarandon doing it. It’s sort of like watching a sex tape your grandmother made with someone who isn’t your grandfather when she was 24. Gross and creepy. I hope I ruined this for you by the way.

[Image via Splash News]


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