Morning time wasters

Ace Ventura Jr.

  • Pajiba: It’s an Ace Ventura Jr. movie! That exclamation point isn’t one of excitement either.
  • Hollywood Rag: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden may marry
  • Lainey: He doesn’t like to take his shirt off
  • WIMB: Robert Patterson is irritating
  • CNW: Kate Moss attacked by Christmas decorations
  • Yeeeah: Chelsea Handler to pose naked in Playboy
  • DRW (Site NSFW): AnnaLynne McCord is leggy
  • AB: Tom Cruise bends over and grabs both ankles
  • I’m excited about the Ace Ventura Jr. sequel. Disney-style sequels are almost always funnier than the original, as I argue in my blog. This is because they are not only filled with humour, but unintentional humour — the best kind of humour!

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