Paris and Benji are just on a break

Paris Hilton phoned into Ryan Seacrest and spewed some garbage about how she and Benji are on a break. She said “he is an incredible person” and hinted that there’s a possibility they may get back together and blah blah blah. I’m amazed at how little I care about this. I’d rather smash watermelons with my head than listen to Paris talk about her life. I think from now on, whenever Paris opens her mouth, it should be legal to stuff a sweaty sock or, like, an angry, diseased kitten in there. Whichever one is more easily accessible.

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12 years ago

Myeah, nice way of putting the problem regarding Paris opening her mouth, lol! Hey, she forgot to add “He’s an incredible person, if things don’t work out with Nickos, I might get back to him!”

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