Paula’s stalker identified

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The woman who committed suicide near Paula Abdul’s home has been identified as Paula Goodspeed. Goodspeed was an American Idol Season 5 contestant obsessed with the singer. A.I. even did a featurette on her (video above). Surprisingly, she didn’t make the cut. Mostly because the judges were real jerks. Why couldn’t they have let her sing another song? The first one was obviously a warm-up or some sort of mating call for the legally insane. I had a good feeling about her.

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12 years ago

Haha! Now Paula Abdul is responsible for someones death.I hope she loses sleep.

12 years ago

Paula is not responsible for this crazy woman’s death! Although I am sure Paula will feel bad for what choices this crazy woman made, she is not at fault. Some people are just screwed in the head.

12 years ago

wow thats hard to watch. she obviously had problems but and couldnt sing but there was no need to laugh and mock her. american idol just killed someone

Ronald MacKay
12 years ago

Thats very sad…I hate this Show.
There are other ways to tell people that they’re not good singers…sadly that doesnt make good raitings

Herman Bumfudle
12 years ago

dude, you need to quit calling her a stalker. i have fans and people who love me, and i pray everyday that they are all right. she’s a fan who i am sure will be soarly missed.

12 years ago

January is National Stalking Awareness Month. Paula Abdul’s experience is not limited to celebrities. Let’s use this discussion to address the problem and perhaps save lives in the future. Paula Goodspeed was clearly a danger to herself and others — primarily, to Paula Abdul. Paula Goodspeed eventually decided to take her own life, rather than Paula Abdul’s, but stalkers kill their victims regularly. 78% of stalking victims are women. 54% of female murder victims reported being stalked before they were KILLED! There is no federal statute directly addressing workplace stalking, but the Supreme Court is now considering whether to hear… Read more »

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