Sean Preston has a potty mouth

Britney Spears is on the cover of the more and more irrelevant Rolling Stone magazine. In it, she talks about her two kids and how one of them has been using the word “f**k” liberally.

She tells the prestigious magazine: ‘Every time they come to visit me, I think about how much they’re such special people.

‘(But they) are starting to learn words like ‘stupid’, and Preston says the F-word now sometimes.

‘He must get it from his daddy (Kevin Federline). I say it, but not around my kids.’

Except most of the time Britney doesn’t even know when her kids are around so there goes that theory. Sean Preston could be crawling around the stove top and Britney wouldn’t even notice before turning it on to boil a pot of water. I hear one time Britney couldn’t find Jayden James for three weeks. He ended up being at the bottom of a dirty laundry basket trying to escape by using a frappucino stained shirt and a pair of earrings as a grappling hook.

Update: Added more photos

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