Seven Pounds and time wasters

So… Is it settled? Will Smith is God?

  • Bossip: Beyonce wants to be the next Wonder Woman
  • Drunken Stepfather: Lydia Hearst gets naked for magazines
  • CityRag: Ari Gold is king douche
  • Basatrdly: Vanessa Hudgens vs Ashley Tisdale, bronze edition
  • Celebslam: Britney went to the gator farm
  • Asylum: Some town named Batman wants to sue Batman for royalties
  • Celebitchy: NE claims Cindy McCain is having an affair
  • Holy Taco: How frat boys write a paper
  • CoEd: Most hilarious porn intro ever
  • College Humor: I Hate Nature 2
  • SOW: Mark Wahlberg dissed Kate Moss
  • TC: Ellen Page is cute
  • CS: Woman injects face with cooking oil
  • Defamer: MADtv has been canceled
  • Dlisted: Adam Sandler gave birth
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