Sucks to be Akon

What do you do when you’ve carved out a niche for yourself based solely on a fake background of “doing time” and “being from the streets” and are invited to be the lead act for the princess Sheikha Hessa of Dubai only to be replaced by an urban rock violin group called Nuttin’ But Stringz at the last minute and moved to an earlier slot thereby severely damaging your street cred and having your feelings hurt? If you’re Akon, you pout like a little girl the whole night. Page Six reports:

But when the princess heard Stringz, the band made famous on “America’s Got Talent,” warming up, “she gave them Akon’s place in the lineup, making them the lead act,” said our source. “He was pouting the rest of the night and wouldn’t talk to anyone.” A rep for Akon told us: “He performed for an hour and there was no pouting.”

Poor Akon. There weren’t any little kids to throw into the crowd or 15-year-old girls to dry hump either. This turned out to be a piss poor night for Mr. Convict. Hopefully his millions of dollars were able to console him.

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