The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008

group vs 2008 01

Every year, Victoria’s Secret has their lingerie fashion show and every year I check my mailbox for an invite and every year I find a reminder from the court telling me to stay 500 yards away from all Victoria’s Secret models. Next year it’s going to be different. Watch out Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Heidi Klum, Selita Ebanks, Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr, Izabel Goulart and all the rest. This sexy beast is coming for you. So, please, don’t warn the cops and don’t even try to hide your underwear. I’ll find it eventually. I’ve been practicing with my Where’s Waldo books. A few more after the jump or click any photo for the full gallery.

adriana lima vs 2008 01alessandra ambrosio vs 2008 04angela lindvall vs 2008 04carmen kass vs 2008 02doutzen kroes vs 2008 01heidi klum vs 2008 03izabel goulart vs 2008 03karolina kurkova vs 2008 08marisa miller vs 2008 04miranda kerr vs 2008 04

adriana lima vs 2008 02adriana lima vs 2008 03adriana lima vs 2008 04adriana lima vs 2008 05adriana lima vs 2008 06alessandra ambrosio vs 2008 01alessandra ambrosio vs 2008 02alessandra ambrosio vs 2008 03alessandra ambrosio vs 2008 05alessandra ambrosio vs 2008 06ana beatriz barros vs 2008 02ana beatriz barros vs 2008 03ana beatriz barros vs 2008 04angela lindvall vs 2008 01angela lindvall vs 2008 02angela lindvall vs 2008 03angela lindvall vs 2008 05angela lindvall vs 2008 06carmen kass vs 2008 01carmen kass vs 2008 03carmen kass vs 2008 04carmen kass vs 2008 05doutzen kroes vs 2008 02doutzen kroes vs 2008 03doutzen kroes vs 2008 04doutzen kroes vs 2008 05doutzen kroes vs 2008 06group vs 2008 01group vs 2008 02group vs 2008 03group vs 2008 04group vs 2008 05heidi klum vs 2008 01heidi klum vs 2008 02heidi klum vs 2008 04heidi klum vs 2008 05heidi klum vs 2008 06izabel goulart vs 2008 01izabel goulart vs 2008 02izabel goulart vs 2008 04karolina kurkova vs 2008 01karolina kurkova vs 2008 02karolina kurkova vs 2008 03karolina kurkova vs 2008 06marisa miller vs 2008 01marisa miller vs 2008 02marisa miller vs 2008 03marisa miller vs 2008 05marisa miller vs 2008 06miranda kerr vs 2008 01miranda kerr vs 2008 02miranda kerr vs 2008 03miranda kerr vs 2008 05miranda kerr vs 2008 06noemie lenoir vs 2008 66noemie lenoir vs 2008 67noemie lenoir vs 2008 68noemie lenoir vs 2008 69noemie lenoir vs 2008 70noemie lenoir vs 2008 71selita ebanks vs 2008 01selita ebanks vs 2008 02selita ebanks vs 2008 03selita ebanks vs 2008 04selita ebanks vs 2008 05

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Rachelle Somerville

I loved the fashion show…they seem to have mastered sexy and sweet!! One thing I might have to add however is that they need to have a more diverse range of models….Tall skinny north american girls are only a small percentage of Victoria secrects customers!!


Oh, I’m sure a fat and short girl is really sexy! Don’t forget, no just ONLY some short fat American buy VS, Asia & ER too, and they got money and skinny!


how to download???


Very few of the models are north american! Do you know anything about Geopraphy!?!? haha
Brazilian models (adriana, ale, the new black from the catalogue, izabel, isabelli, etc), there were lots, thats S america.
Doutzen and most of the white models are from europe/ eastern europe, like KK.
Behati and Candice are from Africa (namibia and SA)
Selita from the Caribbean.
Heidi from Germany.
Miranda from AU.
Marissa Miller, yes is from here!
There were quite a few black models not from the US.
Ok i will stop, i think ive made my point :)


What izabel said… haha. Lovely Ana Beatriz is from Brazil too!

Now we just need an Asian (or partially) angel, preferably someone like Maggie Q.


any idea how i can get hold of the music tracks played during the show? I particularly loved the one right in the start.Male Artiste..can’t quite figure out who it was??



Do you mean the cuban music ? it’s Babalu, by Jorge Moreno

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