This is very Single White Female

What the hell? The picture on the left is supposed to be Evan Rachel Wood at the AFI Fest screening of The Wrestler but I swear it’s Dita Von Teese (right). Although I can see how it can be mistaken for a very psychopathic Evan Rachel Wood slowly losing her mind.

Rachel dated Marilyn Manson (just like Dita) for a while and broke up with him recently (just like Dita). Now she’s dressing like Dita, doing her makeup like Dita and styling her hair just like Dita.

If I was Dita, I’d start to be a little worried. Especially if Rachel comes up to her and asks to be her roommate. If Rachel does move in and a new puppy they buy is mysteriously thrown out the window, then it’s seriously time to call the cops before Rachel orally rapes her boyfriend while he’s sleeping.

Photos are of Evan Rachel Wood and then Dita Von Teese. Spot the differences.

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