Two timer!

Paris Hilton, tired of her sham relationship with Benji Madden or just tired of Benji Madden in general, was reunited with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niachros at Miami nightclub Mokai on Saturday night. An eye witness says the heiress arrived at 2:30 AM and that the two “were all over each other. They were at the same table for about an hour and then they left together. It didn’t seem like Benji was on her mind at all!” Benji, blissfully unaware, was with his brother to take part in the last episode of TRL the next day.

It’s going to be a mess when Benji finds out. Mascara will be running everywhere. By the time Benji is done sobbing, he’ll look like The Crow except less cool and way more pathetic.

Check out that half-unbuttoned shirt on Stavros. Rawr. I can see why Paris wants him so bad. That Hasselhoff chest hair is like honey to women.

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