Alec and Tina are fighting

In possibly a manufactured feud to promote 30 Rock, Star magazine reports on the rising tension between Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey which exploded recently at a photo shoot. Word is that Tina is figuring out she’s not disposable and has been second guessing Alec.

During a recent photo shoot on the set, the notoriously difficult actor sniped to the photographer, “Get ready to do a lot of airbrushing.” Tina, who has a childhood scar on her left cheek, fired back, “Something wrong with my face?” Alec upped the ante by saying it’s her entire body that’s the problem. “Tina shot back that this was coming from a guy with a double chin who thinks Sarah Palin is hot,” says a set source. “Alec was steamed about it the rest of the day and had words with Tina about it later.”

Sounds fake, but it could have also been good natured jesting. I insult my friends all the time. Call them fat, worthless, should have been aborted, not worth the paper their birth certificate was printed on, etc. They always chuckle and that’s about when they tell me they joined the Peace Corps for a year but then two months later I see them at a random bar… Weird. Must have got out early.

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