Amy Winehouse gave Blake goodbye sex in the hospital

If you haven’t heard, Amy’s husband / ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil violated probation by failing a drug test in rehab and will be heading back to jail. Before he went though, Blake convinced Amy’s friends to let him be by her bedside (Amy is currently in the hospital after fainting for the 100th time). They granted his request and that’s when the unspeakable happened. Blake and Amy had goodbye sex on the hospital bed. People with weak stomachs, you may not want to read ahead. The Sun writes:

He told Amy, 25, how sexy she looked — and unlike the line from her hit Rehab, she could not say “No, no, no”.

The source added: “It was obvious what went on.”

Well, it’s clear what has to happen now. That room has to be burned to the ground, bodies have to be sanitized and I’ll have to undergo electrotherapy to help me forget. Please. Let me forget.

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15 years ago

I just lost my lunch. Why do people continue to give stories about her? I mean, who cares to hear about these losers? I sure dont.