Britney is coming back, kind of

Britney Spears lip-synced her way through Womanizer on UK’s The X-Factor last week as part of her second attempt at a comeback. According to the Times, it didn’t turn out so well. While spokesmen for The X-Factor said her performance was “brilliant” and millions of viewers tuned in, fans called into the show to voice their displeasure, deeming her performance “terrible,” worse than performances by the show’s contestants and “even a trained monkey could do that.” Okay, the last one wasn’t in the article, but I’m sure someone said it. Sources say Spears lip-synced because she couldn’t sing and dance at the same time.

Really though. People should know Britney always lip-syncs. They should also know Britney loves cake. So I find it hard to believe when the Times reports that she refused a free birthday cake at the GAY club in London. That’s like telling me you waved a piece of meat in front of a lion and it didn’t maul you to death.

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