Britney’s dad is going to have a Merry Christmas

A Los Angeles court has ruled to increase Jamie Spears’ salary to $75 an hour. Before, Britney’s dad was making $10,000 a month for playing conservator. His fee has now been upped to $16,000 a month with included backpay and a $1,200 a month stipend to maintain an office. All this to make sure Britney doesn’t shave her head, bare her snatch or rear end motorists.

Also getting paid is Britney’s brother, who I didn’t even know existed until now. He’ll earn $200,000 in services rendered prior to her conservatorship.

That’s a good business the Spears have going. Screw up their kids and reap the benefits when a judge forces them to be parents. If I had known this was possible, I wouldn’t have hid that morning after pill in my girlfriend’s sandwich and moved to another state.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

Yeah a Merry X-Mas for him is having his daughter go down on him like the “old days”.