Bronx Mowgli won’t be sold

Rumors circulated yesterday that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson were shopping around exclusive photos of their kid Bronx Mowgli but no one wanted them. Now a rep for the couple claims this isn’t true saying, “we are not offering photos to the media, so there is nothing to ‘bite at.'” Granted, this may just be a poor attempt to keep Pete and Ashlee from being publicly embarrassed because MSNBC claims Joe Simpson sent an e-mail to editors before Bronx’s birth offering the photos for six figures and editorial control.

Not only that. Other rumors indicate that in a bid to squeeze more money out of the pregnancy, Joe Simpson was willing to throw in one of those virtual tours of Ashlee’s vagina complete with a Morgan Freeman God voiceover. No takers for that either. Sigh. I guess it’s back to hiding lipstick cameras in Jessica Simpson’s bathroom and selling the footage on eBay.


Pete posted this on his blog:

About baby pics gossip: truth is like every celeb couple we were offered
mounds and mounds of money by mags from here to Guam to pimp out the baby. We just don’t want to go down that road with him.

We are not placing judgment on those that do as they often use the money in a very charitable way. However, we have made the decision to not sell Bronx’s baby pictures right now. We understand that like other celebrities have said, “there is a bounty on our heads” for these pictures. There is a danger when there are cameras being held over walls and into our backyard. We are followed day and night and that was fine when it was us but we are going to do our best to shelter Bronx from that as much as possible. Its scary to be followed by 10 cars to your home. We understand the curiosity, just not the viciousness that comes along with it when it becomes so insatiable. We know there will be a time when we’ll share him with everyone because that insatiable curiousity becomes unsafe or simply because we’re proud parents who want to show him off! We know our fans support and care about us and want to know about our family and we’ve always been straight up and open with those who care about us most, so at some time, when it makes sense, Bronx will be out in the world.

In the meantime, we’d like to say thank you to those who have allowed us relative privacy in letting us just be a family for now – and to enjoy all the happiness he’s brought us.

ps trust me he’s cute. he looks like his mommy.

Those editors must have hurt Pete’s feelings pretty bad.

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