Coldplay sued over “Viva La Vida”

Want more proof that Chris Martin could be an unoriginal hack? You got it! Popular guitarist Joe Satriani filed suit on Thursday alleging Coldplay stole “substantial original portions” of his 2004 instrumental “If I Could Fly”. Satriani wants “a jury trial, damages and ‘any and all profits’ from the song.” The cherry on top of this delicious sundae is that this lawsuit comes a day after Coldplay was nominated for three Grammys: Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

Satriani’s version started sounding like the theme music to Sonic the Hedgehog after a while but from what I did hear, it sounded similar. Then again that could just be my bias against Coldplay. They suck a lot. I’d rather listen to a jet take off 5 feet away.

  • chewy

    so not only do they have horrible lyrics, they also rip off other artists. and his wife is annoying.

  • Cassandrina

    Coldplay will have to settle out of court – total ripoff of Satriani’s song.

  • Lynda

    Chris Martin is a fake and so is his wife – GOOP was a series of books written about good manners – google it to see.

  • matt

    f*** this band.

  • hoboman

    they way he sings fits the guitar solo but not the actual music

  • Miriam

    okay, the guitar solo might sound quite similar to the tune of when he sings, but come on, as if a band like coldplay is going to purposeley rip off another artist.
    they have been around for over 8 years and i really don’t think that a band as successful and good as coldplay would really do something like this purposeley .
    coldplay is an amazing band.
    end of.

  • Denmar

    Yo history repeats itself and I’m sure they are not the only one that did this (even tho its hardly evident). Why did Satriani wait so long(right after the nomination) before he filed the suit. Coldplay’s music is nice though I bagged a shawty to Viva la Vida lol. But whatever happens happens good luck to both parties.

  • Matt

    When I listen to the song, the basic chord progression Isn’t what hits me. It’s what Chris Martin is saying, that is such basic chord progression, Joe Satriani should be embarrassed calling himself a guitar virtuoso….Listen to All You Need Is Love by John Lennon bitches

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