Winners: Death Race DVD giveaway

Death Race

Congratulations to Reva Skie for his entry “The countdown to the start of the mystery meat eating race had the participants on edge” and to Joe for his entry “So I file a 1099 on my winnings? What about my 401K contributions?” I’ve sent you an email. Just reply with your info within 48 hrs. Thanks to all those who entered. Keep an eye out for more caption contests.

Jason Stathman’s Death Race is out on DVD right now and as an early Christmas present, I’m giving away two copies of the movie on that fancy DVD format. If you have no idea what a Death Race is

In the ultimate extreme sports event, hardened convicts race to the death to earn their freedom. Sizzling action stars Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson team up with Ian McShane and Joan Allen in the year’s ultimate demolition derby.

To summarize, bad guys race medieval vehicles and blow shit up.

Rules for the contest are as follows:

  1. Think of a caption for the above picture
  2. Submit your caption in the comments or as an email to this address (use your real e-mail address)

Contest ends Friday, December 26. Also, I read somewhere that Jason Statham is a ninja so you better start entering before he swears a blood oath to kill your family and F your girlfriend.

  • Reva Skie

    The countdown to the start of the mystery meat eating race had the participants on edge.

  • Steven L

    What happened in the shower was suppose to be our little secret! I can’t believe that you told all your friends! They keep staring at us!

  • weew

    “No, I WILL NOT drop my bar of soap again”

  • jess

    What are you looking at?

  • Nicole

    You’re just lucky looks can’t kill!

  • Kate

    Back off! It’s my baloney sandwich!

  • jessica


  • dAVE

    I will not be your girlfriend, last night was a one night thing…

  • Jon

    Jason Statham thinking to himself “Don’t blink, Don’t make any sudden movements, and run the FUCK away.”

  • Stephen K

    “Stare all you like, mate, we ARE watching Crank tonight…”

  • Joe

    Who wants to see a fork disappear?

  • Joe

    Hey Fellas, Statham believes in Santa

  • Joe

    So I file a 1099 on my winnings? What about my 401K contributions?

  • Joe

    Are you wearing my shirt? My mother gave me that shirt.

  • I can’t help it if you are to numb and unsophisticated to comprehend my complicated philosophy.I still say the fork goes on the left–knife and spoon on the right! If they let us have knives I’d show you!

  • Jeffrey W

    I have never lost a staring contest and I will not start now!

  • Steve

    “The great staredown for who will be the pitcher and who will be the catcher has begun”

  • rast

    i dont understand what do you mean “you want some mud for your turtle”?

  • G.

    Knife fights are so passe. Rock, paper, scissors fights are where it’s at.

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