Eva Longoria is a rat

Eva Longoria & Santa

Eva Longoria is all about sisterhood. Ra ra sis boom ba and all that. The Desperate Housewives star told Glamour that if she caught any of her friends’ boyfriends cheating, she would report them immediately. In addition, she would also try to provide photographic evidence.

“I would probably take a picture with my camera phone first,” she says. “It’s tough, because sometimes people kill the messenger. But I think the truth always comes out, regardless of who tells us.”

Uh oh, this could spell trouble for, um, who is she friends with again? Does she have any? Well, whoever she’s friends with, their boyfriends better watch out. Eva has one of those fancy 3 megapixel camera phones and once she figures out how to use the stupid thing, she won’t be afraid to use it. Now, the camera program has to be open before a picture can be taken? Wait, okay, got it. Can you put your tongue down her throat again?

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